Sunday, June 1, 2014

Meet Faith!

Meet my daughter, Faith; the most extraordinary child I know. Faith is a precocious eleven year old that is often wise beyond her years. She likes to play with her best friends (her brother and sister) and her dolls. Like most children, Faith enjoys a variety of activities including swimming, body boarding, surfing,,reading, and running with her Daddy. Faith is very appropriately named in that she is the kind of Christian we all aspire to be. She is also a very dedicated home school student that works well above her grade level. Faith's favorite subject is science and she wants to be a Marine biologist when she grows up. While most parents dream of watching their children to grow up to realize their goals, I dream of watching my daughter grow up. Period. Like any mother, I suppose, I could go on about her many fine qualities endlessly. All this, she does and is, in addition to the hours of breathing treatments, pills, and therapy she must endure everyday. Faith has Cystic Fibrosis. To donate for a cure, please click on the "To Donate to Great Strides" link to the top right of this post. You can help Faith and thousands of others.

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